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Generic Seal and Detent Parts Kit for BT, Tippmann and Valken

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Generic seal and detent spare parts kit.

1 x Ball Detent (Ball Retainer / Latch) - fits most Tippmann, B…

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Maintenance Kit: Generic O-Ring Kit for BT, Tippmann & Valken Markers

Generic O-Ring Replacement Kit for the BT Combat Series blowback paintball markers (such as Slice, Delta, Omega, Banshee), Tippmann markers (Sierra, …

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Rear Plug with Sling Mount (fits BT Combat series, Valken Blackhawk)

Replacement rear plug with sling mount (allows the use of single point sling)

Fits BT Combat Series markers and Valken SW1/Blackhawk

*** Disassembly of…

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Spares: Trigger Sear - Fits Valken, BT, Tippmann (compatibility list in description)

Common symptom of a worn trigger sear is your mechanical paintball marker spluttering or appearing to go full auto, or not re-cocking when fired.


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Spares: Upgrade "Red" Heavy Main Spring: Tippmann/BT/Valken

Upgrade heavy spring (aka Red Spring) to fit the Valken SW1 and Blackhawk, BT Combat series and some Tippmann models such as Cronus, Sierra and Bravo…

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Spares: Valve Retention Screws for BT, Valken and Tippmann

Pair of replacement valve retention screws for the following paintball markers:

Valken SW1 and Blackhawk
BT Combat Series (Delta, Omega etc)
Tippmann 98…

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Spares: Connecting Rod (BT, Valken, Tippmann Models)

Stock spare part to fit the following paintball guns:

Valken SW1 and Blackhawk
BT Combat Series (such as Delta, Omega, ERC)
Tippmann 98 based (Tango, Si…

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Spares: Ball Detent (Tippmann, BT, Valken)

Rubber Ball Detent

Common symptom of a worn out or broken ball detent - balls rolling out the barrel of your paintball gun when it is cocked. The dete…

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SPECIAL: Stock Replacement A5/BT/Valken 68cal Paintball Barrel On Sale

INCLUDES 1 x Stock replacement barrel

Stock replacement barrel to fit paintball markers with an A5/BT/Valken thread such as the Tippmann Cronus and A5…

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Spares: Main Receiver Body Screw Set - BT, Valken

This replacement set of 4 allen key head screws are the main receiver/body screws for the BT Combat Series (Delta, Omega, ERC) and Valken SW1 / Blackhawk paintball guns.

Spares: Main Spring - Tippmann, BT, Valken

Stock Replacement Part

Suitable for the following paintball guns:

Tippmann: A5, C98, Gryphon, Cronus, Tango, Sierra, Bravo, TMC, Stormer
BT Combat Serie…

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Spares: Valve Power Tube - Valken, BT, Tippmann Models

Stock replacement Valve Tube (aka Power Tube)

Fits Valken SW1 and Blackhawk, Tippmann 98 series guns such as Gryphon, Cronus, Tango, Sierra, Bravo and…

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