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Airsoft 6mm Ammo

G&G Airsoft BB's: 0.3g Pack of 2000 Grey Colour picture

Brand: G&G
Quantity: 2000ct
Weight: 0.30g
Colour: Grey

Airsoft BB's: 0.2g Economy Grade, 5000ct Pack (brand may vary) picture

Unbranded, Recreational Grade
Weight: 0.2g
Colour: White
Quantity: 5000ct (1kg)

Good quality, recreational BB suitable for use in handguns, shotguns or close range airsoft guns

G&G Airsoft BB's: 0.25g 1kg Biodegradable (4000 bb's in the bag) picture On Sale

Product Description:

- Diameter 5.95mm
- Developed for experienced players
- Ideal for high power and high speed airsoft rifles and pistols
- 1kg Bag of …

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