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Maintenance Kit: Generic O-Ring Kit for PMI Piranha, GTI and JT ER3

Maintenance Kit: Generic O-Ring Kit for PMI Piranha, GTI and JT ER3

R 99

Generic O-Ring Replacement Kit for the PMI Piranha / GTI and JT ER3 blowback paintball markers (not for use in the JT ER2 and JT ER4 paintball guns). There have been a few facelifts to the Piranha paintball guns over the years - the below kit includes a variety of o-rings to cater for the various models over the years.

15 x General Bolt, Valve, Valve Cap and Foregrip O-Rings
2 x General O-Rings (thicker size for certain model Valve Caps and Foregrips)
2 x Hammer O-Rings
2 x Front Mount O-Rings (for models that require)
1 x Dropper Bottle of blowback Paintball Marker Oil

Please note that this is a basic o-ring kit - some leaking issues may be as a result of other main components being worn such as the cup seal or internal valves parts. When fitting the replacement o-rings, put a drop of paintball marker oil on each o-ring. Thereafter, the oil can be used on the marker as per the guidelines in the marker's manual or instructions. We do not accept responsibility for any damage caused by incorrect disassembly, reassembly or installation of replacement parts or spares.

WARNING: Do not use paintball marker oil when doing any maintenance on paintball HPA compressed air bottle regulators.

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